The Lightest Canoe Rental on the Wisconsin River
2015 Season
Boscobel: April 4 - November Sauk City: May 9 - Sept 27 Hours: 9 - 5, 7 Days a Week
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WI River Valleycast
Snow Showers
Sunday 02/01 60%
High 16° / Low -1°
Snow Showers
Monday 02/02 0%
High 16° / Low 8°
Tuesday 02/03 80%
High 23° / Low 13°

BOSCOBEL – In Boscobel you’ll drop people and gear off at your put in of choice on your way to our shop. After dropping people and gear off, the drivers only, will continue on down river to Boscobel. WRO will then take the drivers and canoes back up river to your put in. This way at the end of your trip you’ll be able to finish on your schedule and unload out of your canoe and into your vehicle and be on your way home.

SAUK CITY – Your group will come directly to our shop in Sauk City and launch from there. Prior to your departure you’ll arrange a pickup time on one of our afternoon shuttles for the trip back up river to our shop and your vehicle.

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