Transport Service

We’d be happy to provide transportation for you and your own boat.7 july 2004 069 web_379x189

In Boscobel we’d like to meet you at your takeout and shuttle you, your boat and your gear upriver to your desired put in. Boscobel does provide you with the greatest amount of flexibility to finish at your leisure rather than wait for a pickup at the end of your trip.

In Sauk City you’ll come to our location and put in there.  Prior to your departure you’ll set up an afternoon pickup time on one of our vans or buses and we’ll shuttle you and your gear back up river to your vehicle. 

Picture 010_1280x960Cost for this service is $2 per river mile for the first boat and $20 for each additional boat.

If you’re bringing a friend that needs to rent a boat, your transportation is $20 per boat, call for additional details.

From To Distance $2/mile *
Arena  Sauk City 12 $24
Spring Green HWY 23 Sauk City 25 $50
Lone Rock  Sauk City 31 $62
Muscoda Sauk City 43 $86
Blue River Sauk City 51 $102
Boscobel Sauk City 60 $120
Wyalusing  Sauk City 92 $184
Spring Green HWY 23 Boscobel 35 $70
Lone Rock Boscobel 29 $58
Gotham Boscobel 23 $46
Muscoda Boscobel 16 $32
Blue River Boscobel 8 $16
Boscobel Woodman 9 $18
Boscobel Millville 17 $34
Boscobel Bridgeport 25 $50
Boscobel Wyalusing 31 $62
* cost for the first boat, each additional boat is $20