Do you have a sample itinerary I can look at?

2 Day Trip Muscoda to Boscobel, 6 hour total paddle

Additional distances of 23, 29, 35, 47 and 60 mile trips available.

There’s a campground in the town of Muscoda if you decide to arrive the night before and camp at the campground.

Day 1

  • Drop off people and gear at the put-in for the start of your trip.

  • Drivers continue down river to our shop in Boscobel

  • We’ll check your group in, sell you firewood and rental dry bags

  • We’ll then take the canoes and your drivers up river to the put in, if you can get to our shop at 9 AM you’ll be on our first vehicle up river.

  • Most Troops will put an hour between them and the boat landing before stopping for lunch and a swim.

  • Most groups will then paddle between 60-90 minutes between stops.  Visit our Maps page for segment maps of the river.

  • Keep in mind that the last 5 or so miles before the Boscobel boat landing does not have suitable camping sites due to sand bar size and the road that parallels the river for the last 2.5 miles.


Day 2

  • Roust and have breakfast.

  • Most groups are on the water by 9:30 AM and can generally hit the Boscobel boat landing before noon.

2 Day Trip Sauk City to Spring Green, 8 hour total paddle

A reminder, there is a nude beach 7 miles down river from Sauk City.

There is a campground across the street from our shop, Snuffy’s Campground if you’d like to come up the night before your trip starts.

Day 1

  • Arrive at our shop, we open at 9 AM.

  • Check in with the office

  • Set up your pickup time for the end of your trip

  • Load canoes and hit the water

  • Lunch around noon on a sand bar

  • You’ll most likely do 60-90 minute stints of paddling, longer if the wind is blowing in order to cover ground

  • Set up camp for the night, on July and August weekends, the sooner the better on this stretch of river

Day 2

  • Break camp after breakfast

  • Be at the boat landing 30 minutes before the pickup time you set up on Day 1 (1 PM, 3 PM or 5 PM)

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