How do we handle water while on the river?

There are VERY few places to obtain quality water while on the river.  We HIGHLY recommend purchasing water jugs rather than having a bunch of small water bottles.  For groups of 2 or more canoes we recommend a jug like the one in the photo.  They usually hold around 5 gallons and can easily be filled up again and again.  You should be able to find them at your local WalMart for less than $10.

Filtering – due to the amount of sediment in the Wisconsin River we don’t recommend filtering your water for use.  You’ll find that you’ll quickly go through filters due to clogging.  Some have been mildly successful at filtering water to cook with or rinse cleaned dishes off with in order to conserve the drinking water they’ve brought along.  We don’t recommend counting on this optoin without having a backup if it doesn’t pan out for you.

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