How does transport work and where do we park our cars?

Where you park your cars will be based on which location you decide to paddle with:


In Boscobel you’ll take your group directly to your put in and drop off people and gear.  The drivers will then get back in their vehicles and continue down river to our shop.  We’ll then park your cars at the boat landing in Boscobel and drive the drivers and canoes back up river to your group.  When  you finish your trip in Boscobel your vehicles will be waiting for you to unload out of your canoes and into your vehicles and on your way home.

Sauk City

In Sauk City you’ll come directly to our shop.  Because there’s a dam just up river from our location the only direction to head is down river.  Prior to putting on the river you’ll arrange  an afternoon pickup time with our staff.  You cars will be parked in our parking lot.  At  your designated pickup you’ll load your gear into one of our vehicles and we’ll drive the entire group back up river to Sauk City where you’ll unload our of our vehicle and into your own.

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