How should we handle firewood for our trip?

One of the biggest environmental issues facing Wisconsin is invasive species…and firewood is a main contributor.   PLEASE, leave your wood (and what’s in it) at home.

Early in the paddle season you shouldn’t have much trouble finding firewood.  By mid to late June wood will become more scarse, especially on our Sauk City stretch.  Remember:

  • There’s poison ivy on the islands
  • There’s wood ticks on the islands also

Please becareful when you go roaming off into the trees…you don’t know what you’re bringing back.  We want you to remember your trip because you had a great time, not because you scratched for 4 weeks afterwards.

We have good sized bundles of firewood that are harvested locally for $7 per bundle.  A bundle will last about 45 minutes to an hour.  We recommend 2-3 bundles of wood based on how big a pyro you’ve got in your group;-)

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