We’re planning our trip and we’re not sure how many miles we should do, can you help us?

We give the general rule that you’ll cover about 3 miles per hour while on the water (not while sitting on a sand bar napping).  So we recommend that  you take the total number of hours you intend to paddle over the length of your trip and multiply by 3 to give a ballpark of how many miles you’ll be looking to do.  Now, visit our rentals page and scroll down to the graph and compare your distances to trip suggestions.

Pointer!  If you’re intending to do a 3 day trip and you think you’ll be paddling 7 hours per day, so 21 total hours, and multiply 21 hours by 3 MPH, that’s 63 miles.  95% of our customers are NOT going to cover 63 miles in 3 days.  On average, most people will paddle from 3-6 hours per day…and closer to 3 hours.  Be realistic.  And when calculating a distance, be conservative and discuss it with your group. 

If you’ve got first timers going on a trip you’ll be much further ahead if when you come off the river the first-timers are saying, "we’re done already, I could have gone longer" than them saying, "OMG, I thought this was never going to end."  If they say that, you can be pretty sure they’re never doing another canoe trip…at least with you;-)

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