What range of services do you have? Rentals. Outfitted Trips and Transport Info

o Can we have you plan our trip and provide food and the equipment to cook it with so all the troop has to do is show up with personnel gear?  Yes, we call this an Outfitted Trip.  The cost is $35 per person per day for Scouts (So a 2 day trip would be $70/person). So, a 3 day trip would be $105 per person and covers canoes, vests, paddles, 6 meals and the gear you’d need to cook it on.

o Can we have you plan the trip and have us show up with personnel gear and food?  Yes, whether that’s with rentals or simply transport, we can give you help in planning out your trip. Scout rentals average about $35/day.

o Can the troop do all the planning, use our equipment and only use you for shuttling between landings? Yes, we also do this. Because we have 2 locations and each handles this differently be sure you understand the procedure to get you on the water as fast as possible. On the low end we charge $2/mile, on the high end we charge $2/mile for the first canoe plus $20 for each additional canoe. We can talk about this more when your plans firm up.

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