Remember, no glass on the WI River!

If we could recycle-for-cash every aluminum can that goes on the river we’re certain we could replace our fleet of canoes every year. The sheer volume of trash that comes off the river on Sunday will bring a tear to that Native American’s eye from that 70’s PSA commercial, Keep America Beautiful, every time.

We’re working on teaming up with various breweries in Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin to encourage the use of NONGLASS growlers rather than that 30 pack of beer some of our customers bring on the river.  Think quality rather than quantity…though a 64 oz growler is


Stainless steel growlers are the way to go!

n’t a drop in the bucket!

Gear Finder by Backpacker magazine has done the research for you! The number of choices of NONGLASS growlers out there is amazing.  My latest purchase came from Amazon and I’m lovin’ it!

Assuming you’ve read this far I want to state that we’re not pro-drinking on the river, especially when it’s in excess.  The main point being made here is that there are ways to reduce the volume of trash that comes off the river and experience a great local beer at the same time, a win-win! Here are a couple of other tips that can help reduce the volume of trash that comes off the river:

  • Leave the packaging at home – you don’t really need the box the granola bars came in on the river
  • Only bring what you can consume – be realistic about the volume of food needed while on an ovgrowler1ernight trip
  • Move purchased food items into reusable Tupper Ware and pre cut food, like watermelon, ahead of time
  • Did you buy a new tent for this trip?  First, consider renting from WRO and second leave the packaging at home (also, not a bad idea to set up a new tent at home to make sure you how to set it up and all the parts are there when you need them)
  • Too often we’ve seen Wal Mart camping gear that doesn’t make it through a single overnight trip – purchasing quality gear will keep cheap gear out of the trash after one use and provide a lifetime of enjoyment
  • Communicate with those in your group to avoid doubling, tripling or quadrupling up on the same gear, food and conveniences

So, find yourself a quality growler, enjoy a great beverage and make your 2016 trip goal to reduce the amount of trash that gets to take a trip on the river with you.

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