River High and Steady

405The Wisconsin River is holding high and steady after the spring melt and rains from the last two weeks. Levels upriver are dropping and if we can get on a bit of a dry spell or gentle rain, the river should begin dropping to a more normal level.

We’ll take this kind of water in early April but are hoping that come the end of the month we’ve got some sand bars popping out so we start getting our hardcore paddlers out on the river.  Spring paddling is a unique experience with trees just starting to leaf out, evening fires worth it and NO skeeters!

Water temps are still in the low 40’s and add to the risk of hypothermia.  If you’re out in your private paddlecraft be sure to dress for immersion.  At these water temps, combined with the air temperature, you need to be prepared to get out of the water quickly and have something dry to change into immediately.

The sleeping giant that’s WRO is starting to stir.  Robin and Scott exhibited at the Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago April 1 and 2 and got a warm reception and were encouraged by the number of people that were interested in canoe sand bar camping on the Wisconsin River.  We handed out shamrock temporary tattoos and had show specials available.  The people we spoke to would make PERFECT WRO customers!

We’re eager to get you out on the river!  Let us know if you have any questions that are slowing down your decision to paddle with the Lightest Canoe Rental on the Wisconsin River!