Boscobel, HQ

Wisconsin River Outings

Boscobel Location

715 Wisconsin Ave

Boscobel, WI 53805

866.41.CANOE, 608.375.5300

Boscobel is where our call center is located. Boscobel is our Headquarters on a quieter, less traveled section of the Wisconsin River.  Most folks will paddle from up river down to Boscobel and save themselves a bus ride at the end of their trip. PLEASE keep in mind, if your group is renting 2 or more canoes you’ll be dropping people and gear off up river and then the drivers will drive downriver to our shop and we’ll run the drivers and boats back up river to your put in.  This way, when you finish your trip you’ll be able to unload out of your canoes and into your vehicles and be on your way home.

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