WRO Information Packet

WRO Information Packet – available in .pdf

Please feel free to download this packet, save it on your computer and forward it to everyone in your group.

Our Information Packet includes:

  •    Trifold Brochure
  •     Weather/High Water Policy and Lightening Safety Tips
  •     Canoe Care Guidelines
  •     Suggested Packing List for Canoe Rentals
  •     Assumption of Risk Agreement
  •     Maps
  •     GPS Coordinates of Boat Landings and our 2 Locations
  •     Subway Style Map
  •     Written Directions to All the Boat Landings we serve and our 2 Locations


Here’s the section everyone loves!  However, while on your trip it shouldn’t be about knowing EXACTLY where you’re at.  While on the water, relax…let the current do the work and stop thinking so much.  You might find it quite liberating.

Download the Paddling.net Launch Site App for iPhone and Android today! This little tool will tell you, as the crow flies, exactly how far you are from your boat landing!

Google Earth Flyover of the Wisconsin River

If you have Google Earth software on your computer you can click the link to the left and download the file and open it with Google Earth. We’ve got to admit…it’s pretty cool! Also, note the sultry voice of the narrator.

There is also a Google Earth Plugin version that does not require the download of Google Earth software but also does not have as much detail yet still gives an excellent idea of what the river is like from the air. You may have to “allow” the program to run through your computer firewall.

Google Maps

This view will give you an idea of exactly where the Wisconsin River is located, the order to the boat landings as well as information about distance between them and amenities available at each.  Click on the map for additional information.

Subway Style Map

This “map” is an attempt at a subway style map. We’ve plotted out all of the boat landings we service, distances, amenities at each and some other helpful pointers. Let us know if we could somehow make it more user friendly. Please click the compass to the left.

Traditional Maps

Eastern Portion of the Lower WI River – from Sauk City to Muscoda

Western Portion of the Lower WI River – from Muscoda to Wyalusing

This list is in order from east to west/upriver to downriver.

Sauk City, Ferry Bluff, Arena, Spring Green, Spring Green to Lone Rock, Lone Rock, Gotham, Muscoda to Blue River, Blue River to Boscobel, Boscobel, Woodman, Woodman to Millville, Bridgeport to Wyalusing

Other Resources

If you’re looking to paddle more of Southern Wisconsin, or want some great maps with detail and written explanations for each stretch there’s no better sources than: Paddling Southern Wisconsin by Mike Svob. This book is basically the Bible of Wisconsin canoeing opportunities.

USGS Topographical maps. For those who just can’t seem to get enough detail…this is your source.

Wisconsin Geocaching Assoc. can be a helpful site in finding sites and suggesting uses for your GPS.

Assumption of Risk Agreement

This is our Assumption of Risk Agreement.  We require everyone who paddles with us to have filled one of these forms out.  If you have it filled out prior to your arrival it will help us get you on the water faster.  However, fear not, we have copies available at our shops and our drivers also have them in our vehicles.

Under 18 Years Old?

Scouts, church groups and families bringing their children’s friends should have this paperwork filled out by the child’s parent or guardian BEFORE arrival at our shop.  The parent/guardian should fill in the paddlers name at the top of the form and sign for them and check the box below the signature that they are signing for a minor.

Friends, scout masters, troop leaders, group leaders, some adult you ran into on your way to the river are NOT to sign for any minor that they are not the parent or guardian of.

AOR v2014

AOR v2014 Single Page

Find Us


715 Wisconsin Ave,
Boscobel, WI 53805

*Be sure to drop people and gear off at your put in first!

2021 Season

May 21 to October

9am – 5pm, 7 Days a Week


Download the Paddling.net Launch Site App for iPhone and Android today!  This little tool will tell you, as the crow flies, exactly how far you are from the next boat landing!

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