WRO is very interested in having your group blog about their trip.  We’re eager to hear what the expectations and fears of the trip are and then read how those attitudes and assumptions change once they are on the trip and reflections after the trip.  Please let us know if there’s something we can do on our end to make it easier to capture this experience.

Note: Journaling/writting is also meant to mean blogging/tweeting/facebook posts throughout these curriculum suggestions.

Pre Trip

  • Ask students to write what they believe their canoe trip experience will be like

  • What are they most looking forward to?

  • What are they most apprehensive about?

  • Have they been on a canoe (or camping) trip before?  If so, what was the experience like? 

  • Read river based books and reflect how much of what they read would be like the trip they’re going on

During the Trip

  • Have students take 5 minutes at each stop and journal/blog/tweet/facebook

  • Pick an object (i.e. plant, tree, canoe, tent) and describe it in detail

  • Have students create detailed instructions for a particular task or activity on the trip and then have anothe group of students follow the directions to see how good the directions are



Post Trip

  • Ask students to review what they’d written about what they THOUGHT their trip would be like and compare it to their post trip experience

  • Write local legislators and support groups telling them about their experience on the river and why they believe it’s a valuable resource worth protecting

  • Write thank you notes to people or groups that might have spoken about the river with students during their trip