Math can be found throughout the process of planning and being on a canoe trip. 

Pre Trip

  • How many miles is it from school to the put in for the start of your trip?  How long will it take to get there and what time should you plan for the bus to leave?

  • How many miles is it from the take out point back to school?  How long should you budget for the drive and what time should you depart the boat landing to make it back to school by 2 PM?

  • How many meals total will be needed for the trip? 

  • If for a two day trip we want to budget a gallon of water per person, how many gallons will we need?  If we’re bringing 5 gallon jugs, how many jugs will we need?

  • How many canoes, paddles and vests will we need?

  • Based on the size of tents brought on the trip, how many tents will you need?

  • Based on covering 3 MPH, how long will take to cover the trip you’ve chosen?  Knowing you can do 3 MPH while on the water, how many miles are your capable of doing over the course of your trip? 

During the Trip

  •  How many miles are you actually covering per hour?

  • How much water do you need to boil if you’re making meals that require 3/4 cup per serving size?


Post Trip