Physical Education

So many school physical education classes revolve around team sports.  As most adults know it’s difficult to get enough people together to play basketball in teams whenever you want…paddling isn’t that way.  By addressing safety concerns one can paddle whereever and whenever they want and not need a group of people to do it.  Paddlesports is and individual sport that just about anyone can participate in.

Pre Trip

  • Discuss proper paddling technique (i.e. sitting, lifting of the canoe, strokes, gripping the paddle).

  • What might be the advantages of canoeing/kayaking?

  • What might be the advantages of canoeing/kayaking versus other sports/activities?

  • Using the internet, how many calories can you expect to burn per hour with canoeing?

  • What are some safety issues that you need to consider when planning a paddlesports trip?


During Trip

  • What body parts should you focus on stretching prior to getting on the river?

  • What’s the best way to warm up before you start your day of paddling?


Post Trip

  • Let’s say you enjoyed your canoe trip so much you’d like to get a canoe of your own, what are your options in materials?  What are the advantages and disadvantages of each?  How much can you expect to pay?  Based on  your state, will you have to register your craft and how much will it cost and how long is registration good for?

  • Plan another canoe trip to a river or lake you’ve been interested in.  How many days can you spend there?  What will the trip be like?  Are there outfitters available to rent you a canoe?