Science and Biology

Science and Biology will be working closely with Social Sciences and Math.  We can help with many science options with our connections with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the University of Wisconsin.  Please let us know what you have in mind and we can see if there is a current study being conducted that your school can be a help with for counts/collecting samples/other documentation.

Pre Trip

  • What visual indicators are there to suggest a healthy river ecosystem?

  • Compile articles about the issues facing the Wisconsin River watershed, how different are they from those of rivers closer to your school?

  • What are Asian Carp?  How did they get in the river system?  What do they eat and what is the major concern about them being in the river?  What part of the food chain are they most detramental to?

During the Trip

  • Do a bird/turtle/wildlife survey broken out by species.

  • Collect water samples are various points during the trip for later testing.

  • What plant species are found along the river?  Can you identify invasive species?  How prevalent are they?


Post Trip

  • Compile data from water samples and present to UW/LWRB/DNR.

  • Now that you’ve been on the river, pose some solutions you believe could work to the issues facing the Wisconsin River watershed.