One of the great advantages of canoeing is the amount of cross discipline activites that go into planning a trip.  A canoe trip is all emcompassing, whether it’s few hour day trip or a full blown multiday trip with overnight camping there’s a lot to learn with every trip. 

Sea Kayaker magazine article: A Whole New World: Kayaking as Therapy for Kids

WRO has partnerships and connections with local and state agencies that can help take your outdoor education experience to a new level.  We have contacts with the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, University of Wisconsin, the Lower Wisconsin Riverway as well as many nonprofits that have a focus on nature conservancy.  Let us help you put together a program that will be educational, fun, exciting and unique for your school group.

Wiscconsin River (map)

We provide trips for between 8-92 miles over a day and up to 5 days.  You’ll camp on the sand bars in the middle of the river, a unique experience found few place in the entire country!  The river is wide and generally shallow, tree lined with views of bluffs in the distance.

Kickapoo River (map)

We provide trips on the Kickapoo river from 7 miles and upto 70 miles in length over 1 to 4 days.  You’ll camp along the way in campgrounds found in each town you paddle through.  These multiday trips are recommended for freshman groups on up as the stretch of river between stops can be lengthy but this is a small intimate river with twists and turns, you’ll be lucky to find a stretch of 200 yards that’s straight.  The shore is tree lined with occasional farm fields and many views of bluffs in the distance to that come rigth up to the waters edge.

Either the Wisconsin River or Kickapoo River can be used as a backup option to the other due to high water or extreme wind conditions.

We can help you get your school group on the water in 3 different ways:

Rentals – we rent the highest quality canoes on the Wisconsin River along with comfortable 3 buckle vests, paddles and we’ll cover the details of transportation with you based on the needs of your group. We can put together a trip that fits your needs regarding distance or length of time that best suits your needs.  All weekday trips also include a HUGE dry bag with each canoe that should easily fit a sleeping bag and change of clothes for two people. 

Outfitted Trips – You get everything mentioned above but we also take the hassle out of planning the menu needs for your group AND we provide everything you’ll need to cook the food for the group (LP heavy duty stoves, pots/pans, cooking utensils).  All of our meals are high quality homemade meals and we have yet to have anyone come back from one of our trips feeling hungry.

Guided Trips – We’ll take care of just about everything for you…everything listed above plus we’ll provide you with a Wilderness First Responder guide to cook the meals and assist in campsite selection.

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