Barring issues like a head wind, we’d suggest 12-16 miles is what the average group will cover in a normal day. We’ve seen as high as 24 miles, cracking the whip with short stops and average river height conditions. We’ve also had a couple of groups that struggled to get 8 miles in a day…but we have our suspicions that they were an outlier for several reasons (too much time lounging?).  Keep in mind our general rule, when you’re in the boats and on the water you’ll cover about 3 MPH. Be realistic…NO ONE spends 7 hours a day in the boats without being in shape and prepared for it. Most groups will spend about 4 hours of actual “on water” time on a trip.

Finally, if this is your first trip we can assure you that those in your group would rather finish the trip wishing they’d done more than blaming you for sending them on the Bataan Death March. You can do a longer trip next year!