We require a 100% deposit with your reservation.  Until your deposit is received, your trip is not confirmed.

Trip cancellations (either by WRO or customer) are for credit on a future trip only – unless you’ve purchased Trip Cancellation Protection.

If the river is over 17,000 cfs, your trip will be cancelled and you will be provided a credit, unless you’ve purchased Trip Cancellation Protection.

We reserve the right to alter your trip due to weather or river conditions. Once your paddle hits the water there are no credits or refunds.

Our credo is simple. We want everyone we put on the river to enjoy themselves and come back. We also want to give people the Wisconsin River sand bar experience we know everyone treasures and expects.

You can either book online or give us a call at 608.375.5300, and we’ll get your reservation set up.

See the FULL Cancellation Policy