Over the years we’ve learned that if there isn’t a firm arrival time, customers can show up 6 hours late compared to the time they booked on their reservation.  Our vans leave ON TIME. If you miss your departure time you will need to wait until the next departure (with the reservations for that departure time filling the van first and if there’s room we’ll get you on). If you missed the last departure of the day, there will be an additional fee to get you upriver or you can wait and depart the next day.

Transport is handled on the front end of your trip for all trips finishing in Boscobel, which allows most of our customers no-wait to finish their trip, load up, and head home (Land-Load-Leave). Follow these easy steps, and we’ll efficiently get you on the river.


  • Your trip is finishing in Boscobel 
  • If your trip starts upriver from Boscobel and will continue past Boscobel
  • Regardless of the size of your group – if it’s one adult and children under 13 please communicate with the office before your trip
  1. Go directly to your put-in (boat landing, launch, starting point, etc.), directions are in your email confirmation or click here for access to website directions pdf.
  2. Drop off ALL people and gear – be sure not to miss anything.
  3. ONLY the driver will continue downriver to Boscobel (715 Wisconsin Ave, Boscobel, WI 53805, 608.375.5300) – this let’s us maximize the amount of trips moving up and down river
  4. Arrive at the shop 30 minutes before departure, we’ll get you checked in at the shop and get you on your on-time shuttle departure.
  5. We’ll drop your car at the boat landing in Boscobel on our way upriver so it will be waiting for you at the end of your trip (assuming there’s still parking space available at the landing).

To help reduce the time between dropping off your paddle partners and you and the canoe(s) getting back to the landing, here are some tips to get you on the water with the fewest delays:

  • Arriving at our shop 30 minutes before departure will give us time to get your gear ready and leave on-time.
  • Having ONLY the driver arrive, saving space in our vehicle, will get people up river faster. You will be charged for the seat if others come with “for the ride.”
  • This can change from one Saturday to the next but be aware – arrival for our 11 AM and 1 PM departures will cause delays in getting you upriver because that’s the time that the bulk of our customers tend to arrive.
  • Arrive at the shop ready to go…trips to the store, bait shop, etc. will delay you and possibly a vehicle ready to leave the shop.
  • Double check your car…a lot of people forget their tents or other small gear.
  • PLEASE, carpool. Again, it will help in getting you on the water faster, saves parking spots at the landing…and saves fuel.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 608.375.5300.  If it’s a weekend, be patient…the phone will be ringing off the hook.

WRO Transport Process

Drop people and gear at put-in first, then drivers only come to shop.