With all of the creepy crawlies these days, state law prohibits the transport of firewood for more than 25 miles. Here are your options:

  • We sell firewood for $7 per bundle – a bundle will last 45-60 minutes. Most customers purchase 2 bundles per night on the river.  Pyromaniacs…buy more 🙂
  • Gather wood from sandbars as you see it – staying out of the trees. The further into the season you get, the less of an option this is.
  • Harvest firewood from the islands – why this isn’t a great idea:
    • Poison ivy – found on just about every sand bar island and the shoreline
    • Ticks – no one wants Lyme Disease!

TIP: Leave the hatchet at home!  If you’d seen the shins, feet and fingers we’ve seen – you’d bring a saw and not a hatchet.

Purchasing firewood is the path of least resistance. Please – be careful out there!

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