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The Midwest’s best multiday sand bar camping experience!

by canoe or kayak, over 8 to 92 miles of the Wisconsin River.

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Our river trips aren’t for EVERYONE (this ain’t the Ritz Carlton, it’s a wilderness experience), see if you’ve got the right mindset for an incredible outdoor experience!


Are you one of those people that need to shower and shave, like, EVERY day? Feel “icky” if you don’t?  If so, may we suggest a nice hotel/water park in the Dells for you?  You won’t enjoy this experience and your potential negative mojo will likely try your fellow paddlers patience…and friendship.


If you despise the thought of sweating…we’re probably not the experience for you. It will likely be warm and humid and you’ll need to paddle and put a bit of effort in.  “Anything worth doing is worth earning,” that’s what Grandpa Newton used to say. You’ll want to leave your Cleopatra Complex at home, she won’t make it here.



Do you love the thought of camping and sleeping under the stars, a comfy sleeping bag and fresh air?  As you drift off to dreamland, an owl hooting, memories of the day laughing with friends around the campfire and the feeling of warmth on your sun-kissed shoulders. Do you relish the view out your tent in the morning as the sun rises to meet you? YOU are our kinda people, get over here!


Is your attitude “If we wait for the weather to be PERFECT…we’ll never go!”? You understand that weather is an Act of God and we just need to roll with it. Bringing the right gear will make it better…but you also know some of your best outdoor memories where in less-than-perfect weather. Come sit over here by us, we’ll make room 🙂


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“Three Rivers” trip
…I wouldn’t think of using anybody else…
Gordon Richards

So simple and easy
It was a really smooth process renting a canoe from WRO…
Mattie K

Outstanding!!! Can’t wait to do a longer trip…
Mattie W

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