3 Day 2 Night Overnight Canoe Kayak Camping River Trips

Ah, you’re a go-getter and want extra time on the river to sand bar camp on the Wisconsin River and experience the best river trips in the Midwest! You’re either an experienced paddle, camper…or both, and arent’ interested in some sort of quick overnighter – you want to immerse yourself with a multi night camping adventures on the wide, shallow, sandy Wisconsin River.

To make your trip more comfortable, and drier, we have several items that you can add to your rental to make it more comfortable and drier. These items can be added during checkout when paying for your canoe or kayak rental.

PRO TIP: If this will be your first 3 day trip, keep in mind that the second day will be an ENTIRE day on the river. You should cover a lot of ground on day 2, but be honest with yourself – it’s easy to spend an entire day lounging on a sand bar and not in your boat getting your miles in.

Arena to Boscobel,

45 miles/15 hours

This trip will expose you to the upper parts of the Lower Wisconsin River that are more of a prairie paddling experience. Once you paddle past Spring Green, 10 miles downriver, you’ll start to see the bluffs move closer to the river and the number of people dropoff significantly on weekends in July and August. The faint of heart should consider a different trip so you finish with smile on your face rather than a grimacesmile

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Spring Green to Boscobel

35 miles/12 hrs

Our most popular trip for those interested in immersing themselves in a 3 day trip. Keep in mind your desired start and finish times, the later you start day 1, the later you’ll finish day 3. EXCELLENT scenery over the course of this trip. Muscoda is at the halfway point, campground/showers/toilets/walk to town if needed. Everyone finishes their trip with a smile on their face after this trip!

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Lone Rock to Boscobel,

29 miles/10 hrs

Between driving up and then heading home, this 3 day trip provides you 2 nights camping, some great exposed bluff views and a super reasonable amount of paddling without feeling like you need to be on the water all the time. If you start early enough, yes you could float it, but most likely you’ll need to get some strokes in to finish around noon on day 3. Also a great option for late starts on day 1 that want 3 days paddling.

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Gotham to Boscobel,

23 miles/8 hrs

A super resonable 3 day trip for either a leisurely float or you want a later put-in or be off the river early on day 3. Located at the confluence of the Pine and Wisconsin Rivers, if you have time, paddle up the Pine for a bit before heading down the Wisconsin. Eight miles to the first bridge, 8 miles to teh second bridge and 8 miles to the 3rd bridge you’ll pull out at. Stay river left to enjoy a smaller river feel. There are limited time and day departures for this trip.

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Muscoda to Boscobel,

16 miles/6 hrs

Our most popular 2 day trip…over 3 days. Why you ask? You can only make the last departure on day 1, are more interested in the outstanding primative camping experiece the WI offers or need to be off the river super early day 3. This is a FLOAT trip if you want to milk it. Many cusotmers paddle downriver, find a spot and don’t move until they’re ready to come off the water. Great if you have small kids and want to do 2 nights camping.

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Boscobel to Bridgeport,

23 miles/8 hrs

Three days and 2 nights of remote, quiet and serene canoe camping on the extreme lower end of the Wisconsin River. This stretch of river is sensitive to water levels, so keep an eye on that for depatures before July 4. You can’t miss this takeout, it’s underneath a HUGE bridge…look for the troll to guide you in. Assume an afternoon pickup, there are some mornings available, for WRO to take you, your gear and ours back to your vehicle in Boscobel.

Sandbar camping with a view.

Boscobel to Wyalusing,

31 miles/10 hrs

No one has ever come off this trip and suggested they wouldn’t do it again! Experience the extreme lower third of the Wisconsin River and the Mississippi River. If you’re lucky you’ll get to see a barge (no worries, they don’t have a wake) as well as feel the power of the Mississippi River as you transition from the Wisconsin to the Mississippi. Morning and afternoon pickups, most days, to bring you back up to your vehicle in Boscobel at the conclusion of your trip.

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3 Rivers Trip,

31 miles/11 hrs

Perhaps our most unique trip, you’ll paddle 9 miles on the Kickapoo River, 19 miles on the Wisconsin River and 3 miles on the Mississippi River. You’ll experience 3 distinct rivers on this one trip – from the narrow and twisty Kickapoo, sandbar laden Wisconsin and the power of the Mighty Mississippi Rivers. Whether you and your significant other or a Scout group, this trip is quite an experience! Afternoon pickups everyday and some mornings available to bring you back to your vehicle in Boscobel.

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Custom 3 day Trips on the Wisconsin River

Don’t see the trip you’re looking for? Give us a call and we’ll do our best to put together a trip that works for you. Please understand, Friday and Saturday morning departure/finish can be difficult for us to pull off. If you can keep your special requests to afternoons and/or weekdays, there’s a good chance we can make it happen. We’ve got 20+ years of experience to help figure out what will work for you and your group. Give us a call today to discuss your ideal trip!


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