3 Day 2 Night Overnight Canoe Kayak Camping River Trips

Ah, you’re a go-getter and want extra time on the river to sand bar camp on the Wisconsin River and experience the best river trips in the Midwest! You’re either an experienced paddle, camper…or both, and arent’ interested in some sort of quick overnighter – you want to immerse yourself with a multi night camping adventures on the wide, shallow, sandy Wisconsin River.

To make your trip more comfortable, and drier, we have several items that you can add to your rental to make it more comfortable and drier. These items can be added during checkout when paying for your canoe or kayak rental.

PRO TIP: If this will be your first 3 day trip, keep in mind that the second day will be an ENTIRE day on the river. You should cover a lot of ground on day 2, but be honest with yourself – it’s easy to spend an entire day lounging on a sand bar and not in your boat getting your miles in.