This is our Assumption of Risk Agreement.  We require everyone who paddles with us to have filled one of these forms out.  If you have it filled out prior to your arrival it will help us get you on the water faster.  However, fear not, we have copies available in our shop as well as on our electronic devices that you can fill out on your way upriver.

Under 18 Years Old?

Scouts, church groups, and families bringing their children’s friends should have this paperwork filled out by the child’s parent or guardian BEFORE arrival at our shop.  The parent/guardian should fill in the paddlers name at the top of the form and sign for them and check the box below the signature that they are signing for a minor.

Friends, scout masters, troop leaders, group leaders, or some adult you ran into on your way to the river are NOT to sign for any minor that they are not the parent or guardian of. 

Assumption of Risk Agreement – pdf download