Private Canoe/Kayak Transport and Shuttle Service

We’d be happy to provide transportation for you to paddle your own canoe/kayak on the Lower Wisconsin River.

NOTE: We do NOT provide transport service on Saturday mornings in July and August. Our first priority is our rental customers during this time.

ALSO NOTE: WRO no longer will transport private boats and gear. We will only transport the driver(s) up/down river. If you’re uncomfortable leaving your boat and gear at the put-in, you’ll need to make other transport arrangements through another company, we’re sorry.

SHORT Distance Upriver Transport Process – Spring Green, Lone Rock, Gotham, Muscoda, Blue River to Boscobel

Drop off people, boat and gear at your desired put in.

  1. ONLY the driver(s) will continue downriver to our shop at 715 Wisconsin Ave, Boscobel, WI 53805 to check-in.
  2. We’ll swing by the Boscobel boat landing to drop your vehicle and then head upriver with the driver on the next available van and back to the group…and away you go!
  3. You’ll finish your trip at your vehicle.

SHORT Distance Downriver Transport Process – Woodman, Millville, Bridgeport, Wyalusing

These trips are handled on a case by case basis. In general, you’ll drop people and gear at the put-in (usually Boscobel). The driver will then head downriver to your takeout and we’ll pick you up and bring you back upriver on the front end of your trip. This process is somewhat flexible on the weekdays – however, weekends and in particular Saturdays in July and August we will NOT be able to meet you at a downriver takeout and transport you upriver on the front end of your trip, particularly on Saturday mornings (late in the day is an option – give us a call). 

Long Distance Trips – Wyalusing/Boscobel to Arena and Sauk City

These trips have a 10 AM and 2 PM departure/pickup time. It will not be possible to transport you on Saturday mornings. Give us a call and we can work out the details for your transport needs. 

* Includes moving one driver and does NOT cover moving boat/gear.