About the River

A Protected River. In 1989 the last 92 miles of the Wisconsin River was protected from development by the Lower Wisconsin Riverway Board. Because of this forethought you’ll see very few houses along the tree lined shore during your trip and views of bluffs in the distance are unspoiled. The Wisconsin River is on the migratory route of many birds that fly between Canada and points south. We are lucky enough to have large populations of Bald Eagles, Sand Hill Cranes, Blue Herons, King Fishers and many other water oriented birds. You’ll also see turtles sunning themselves on logs along the rivers edge, raccoons, beaver and otters.

What Stretch should We do and How Far should We Paddle?

The general rule we give is that you’ll cover about 3 MPH while on the water paddling.  This obviously does not include the time you spend “hangin’” on the sand bars.  So, if you take your intended total amount of time you’ll be paddling on the water and then multiply by 3 MPH you’ll have a ballpark of how many miles you’ll be doing.  Then, visit our canoe rentals page and look at the chart and match your estimated number of miles to a desired put in and take out.

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September 7, 2017

Overnight canoe trip  on the WI River

“We have used WI River Outings for 3 different trips on the WI River and they have been an excellent partner and resource every time.  Highly recommend both the outfitter and the canoe trips on this river. ”

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