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The Owner and History of WRO. After 4+ years in the Army and spending as many years as possible avoiding a “real job” while getting a Bachelors (Illinois State) and Masters (Arizona State) degree, Scott Teuber, began student teaching/teaching in St. Charles, IL in the mid 1990’s. It was there that he met a good friend, Jim McCarron, who introduced Scott to the activities of the outdoors. Paddling and hiking were among Jim’s favorite past times, and Scott grew to enjoy them just as much, if not more. The best times were helping a friend of Jim’s, Fred Flasher, when he did guided canoe trips on the Wisconsin River.

After teaching for 3 years Scott went to work for a technology company in the Chicago area. He learned much while working during the tech boom of the late 1990’s and soon was running his own business brokering used computer equipment. He also worked during this time to bring a product he’d developed to market, learning a lot along the way. It wasn’t long before Scott decided he wanted a house of his own and he started looking in Wisconsin around where he had done canoe trips on the Wisconsin River. He ended up purchasing a house in Viroqua, Wisconsin, about 35 minutes north of Boscobel. He sought an OK from Fred after moving up to Viroqua to start providing guided canoe trips also. With a nod from Fred, Scott went out and purchased a 20 boat trailer and 20 canoes and away he went.

It was in 2002 when Scott was at a boat landing in October waiting to start a trip that he began talking to Larry White of Rent-A-Canoe in Boscobel about the fact Larry’s canoe rental business was for sale. Scott met with Larry and his wife, Phyllis, about what exactly was available for sale and how it might work. All that winter he went back and forth about purchasing Rent-A-Canoe and in the end decided to take the plunge. The rest is history. Since that first year in the rental business in 2003, WI River Outings has purchased 2 other canoe rentals along the river. Though we have gone from one location to two and back again, we continue to be adamant about providing quality, well maintained and current gear with service to match.

Scott was very active in the Professional Paddlesports Association, having served as its inaugural Chancellor of the National Paddlesports School for Business for 3 years. He has also been a presenter at both the National Paddlesports Conference as well as taught at the New Zealand bike tripame school that he was Chancellor of and serves as an adviser for paddlesports business startups across the nation. Now, he’s a Board Member with the America Outdoors Association and works to further the knowledge of outfitters across the country and protect business rights.

Obviously, given the nature of his work, Scott has a huge passion for paddling. There are way more places left to paddle than there are drops of water in the Wisconsin, but he’s been working hard crossing them off his list. So far he’s been to Florida, the Rio Grande in Texas, Tybee Island in Georgia, the Boundary Waters, the Apostle Islands, Door County, and the Mississippi River to mention a few. The Green and Colorado River are on the agenda and who knows what other bodies of water he may be able to get in before the next paddle season in Wisconsin starts. Just considering paddling with WRO makes you part of the business! We hope to see you on the water and that you get to experience a river that is one of the best in the nation.

We look forward to paddling with you soon!

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September 7, 2017

Overnight canoe trip  on the WI River

“We have used WI River Outings for 3 different trips on the WI River and they have been an excellent partner and resource every time.  Highly recommend both the outfitter and the canoe trips on this river. ”



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